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Our Lady of Charity Parish:

Our Lady of Charity Parish was formed in 2010 as the result of the merger between St. Agatha, Holy Family and St. Ambrose parishes.

The parish is known for its commitment to social justice raising hundreds of thousands dollars to feed children overseas. The various committees dedicated to social causes continue to raise food, clothes and other basic necessities for those in need.

Holy Family:

est. 1905

- The parish is a breath taking example of Romanesque architecture beautifully decorated with paintings and murals adapted from the Book of Kells and the Book of Lindisfarne (two illustrated manuscripts of four gospels). 

St. Ambrose:

est. 1930

-A noteworthy element of the parish are the stained glass windows. These windows depict imagery inspired by the reforms of Vatican II that portray social justice themes.

St. Martin of Tours:

est. 1926

St. Martin of Tours is the only parish in South Buffalo with a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel! The parish features beautiful stained glass windows and historical structures.  

St. Teresa:

est. 1897

Fun fact, St. Teresa's is the parish Father Bill was ordained at! The statuary is a historical asset the parish features including glass embellishments to make the figures shine under the lights. 

Information about the history of St. Teresa Avila

St. Thomas Aquinas:

est. 1920

St. Thomas Aquinas parish came to be just after the end of WWI. The first mass was celebrated outdoors on the Fourth of July 1920 with Monsignor Nelson H. (Father) Baker in attendance. At the start of the parish there were about 500 families and by the 1960's the number had tripled!

Other Prominent Historical Parishes:

active years

St. John the Evangelist- 79yrs

St. Monica- 82 yrs

St. Agatha- 101 yrs

St. Stephen/Jude/Clare- 127 yrs

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